Smelting??? Already?!

Summer officially JUST started and we've been smelting quite a bit already, not sure what that means for the rest of the season but assuming it's going to continue we are preparing for the next heat wave...

With the lack of ventilation of the individual stalls in the main barn, Sport Horse has ordered stall fan mounts this week (they retail for $34.99 plus $5 for S&H).  All stall fans will be mounted utilizing these bracket, absolutely no bailing twine or bungie mounting.  The cost for these brackets will be added to your July board along with an monthly electrical surcharge of $10 per horse for the months the stall fans will be utilized.   Please provide a box fan at your earliest opportunity in anticipation of temperatures rising again by middle of this coming week.

Remember to keep yourself and your horse well hydrated as much as possible!   Water bucket dumping and refilling anytime you're out enjoying the company of your horse is encouraged!   Happy sweating y'all and see you at the barn :)

The whirlwind that was the SHi Schooling Show...

As most of you are aware, it was a crazy few weeks preparing for the recently hosted IHJA show that included the ever aggressive task of building an entire new course of jumps.  Not an easy task when you're talking about keeping up with Brian's creativity and imagination!  But, with long hours and great help from family, friends and team Sport Horse we managed to pull it off AND make it look good!  A HUGE "shout out" to Andrea for providing $1600 worth of fake flowers to decorate every single jump!  Ummmm, yap that's not a misprint...  Bearing THAT in mind along with the realization that everyone utilizes the jumps by lessoning and schooling their horses we are asking the entire Sport Horse Team to reimburse Andrea $50-$100 to help offset this huge endeavor!  Enjoy the picture show and see y'all in the ring :)

Upcoming Summer Horse Shows...

With summer in full swing (well, per the temperatures anyway) so is the horse show schedule...  Wild Air is coming up this weekend and those stall counts will have to be confirmed by Thursday.  

The long awaited Robert Murphy Stable Horse Show at the Kentucky Horse Park July 5-8 is next, stall reservations will be mailed out by next Monday, June 18th to ensure our participation spots.  If you would like us to include your reservation please leave your check for the $190 stall fee made payable to RMS Horse Show in the SHi payment box by Sunday, June 17th.

August will be the next venue with the Annual IHJA Show the 2-5 and Brave Horse may be ending the show schedule before school starts again with either the week of the 23-26 or the 30th through September 2nd (to be determined by popular vote).

Happy showing everyone :)

Spring has finally sprung...

Well, it appears we've made it through another winter and dare we assume it's done snowing???  Let's not poke THAT bear but, plans are made to move on and patiently wait for the temps to rise...

So...  Spring cleaning is in full swing and let's assume we are done with winter blankets?  Please pick them up, wash them and if you'd like to store them here provide a heavy duty plastic tub clearly marked with your name that will be housed in the old barn for storage.  We do still have the occasional critter trying to move in so a heavy duty tub is recommended, the cheap plastic ones break easily and the bags deteriorate with extreme temperatures.

And speaking of cleaning, Jacqueline has purchased a bucket of liquid gold and for any Sport Horse boarder wanting to replenish their little CWD conditioner container will do so for $20.  Thank you Jaqueline :)

And lastly, the Equine DDS will be at Sport Horse for spring cleaning :) and floating, Friday May 11th.  Unless major issues arise during the routine float, his services are $240 per horse payable prior to his departure.  We cannot stress the importance of yearly floats by a qualified individual and if you have the opportunity to come watch, it is worth every minute of your time, not to mention money!  To be included in this visit, please drop a check made to Hippologic for $240 in the SHi payment box by Sunday, May 6th.

Happy spring cleaning everyone and we'll see you at the barn!

 Liquid Gold...

Liquid Gold...

SHi Equine Wellness Update...

With spring looming just around the corner, Dr. Herrmann is scheduled to visit Sport Horse Thursday, April 29th at 15:00 for all spring vaccinations and worming compliance.

AT A MININUM ALL HORSES WILL RECEIVE A FLU/RHINO VACCINE,  ANNUAL STRANGLES VACCINE AND A FECAL WORM COUNT (Suggested but voluntary vaccines include:  EEV, EHV, Tetanus, Potomac Horse Fever, West Nile, Rabies).

If you have any intentions of traveling to shows or clinics be aware that most venues now require not only a current negative coggins (check yours for expiration) but a minimum of flu/rhino vaccine proof.  Plan accordingly to save yourself a special trip fee!

Any billing or rate questions should be addressed to Herrmann Veterinarian Clinic directly at 317-313-8760.  Please be sure to update or set up your billing information with Dr. Herrmann prior to his scheduled visit!   Happy Spring everyone!

Exciting barn build update...

The Old Barn Tack Room is finally done!!!  Well, not completely but it's up and running waiting for some final touches...  But in the meantime, it's home to our tack and houses other amenities for rider comfort!  A couple of simple but vital rules apply for usage, CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF and DO NOT BRING/STORE/HANG ANY SADDLE PADS OF ANY KIND INTO THIS SACRED free of saddle pads AREA!  Enjoy :)

Fall Vaccination Day...

Dr. Herrmann will be at SHi Tuesday, October 17th 2017 to complete the required fall flu/rhino booster and fecals.   Optional services are available to be included at that time, please make us aware of your requests (if any) by Monday, October 9th.

If you are planning to haul off the property to use a different veterinarian please provide proof of such services having been completed by Sunday, October 15th or your horse will be included in the required October 17th vaccination day.  Thank you.

Important upcoming changes...

With the most stressful and time consuming move we've EVER taken on, we are finally able to bask in the glorious victory of having survived it all!  We are so excited to start this new chapter of our lives with ya'll, stick around for the organizing, scrubbing, fixing and mowing which are in full swing.  The new barn roof install is tentatively scheduled to begin after Labor Day weekend and estimates for new fencing are being acquired as we speak.  In keeping up with higher mortgage payments and tremendous improvement expenses, boarding rates will increase by $50 per horse per month as of October 1, 2017.  New boarding contracts will be emailed out in the near future reflecting this increase along with the updated Fee Schedule and Barn Rules.  Please return the contracts either electronically (scanned signature is acceptable) or in original form via the barn office mailbox by October 1, 2017.  We appreciate your understanding and hope to continue to be able to share our equestrian lives with you!

Vaccination Compliance Update...

Yes, it appears that we've survived another winter and spring is finally here!!!  With that being said, Dr. Herrmann is scheduled to visit Sport Horse the week of April 17th for all spring vaccinations and worming compliance.


Any billing or rate questions should be addressed to Herrmann Veterinarian Clinic directly at 317-313-8760.  Happy Spring everyone!

Spring is here????

Well, not sure about that, after all it's only mid February!  But, with the predicted 10 day forecast in mind we are scheduling a 11 o'clock lesson this Saturday morning to celebrate Mother Nature's graciousness.  Anyone wanting to join us by riding outside and jumping courses, be there or be square!

Saturday.  February 18th.  11 o'clock.  Hunter Ring.  See y'all then!  :)

Vaccination Compliance Update...

It's that time, AGAIN.  We've scheduled the quarterly Flu/Rhino booster to be performed Friday, February 3rd, by Dr. Herrmann.

If we do not receive communication by Tuesday, January 31st letting us know that these services are being performed by another vet or during another scheduling, your horse WILL BE INCLUDED in the mandatory flu/rhino booster.

If any additional services are wanted please complete the "Veterinarian Request Form" found here:

Winter Show Schedule Update...

We are planning on returning to the World Equestrian Center in Wilmington OH, the third week of January, specifically the 18th through the 21st.  This particular show will apparently only run from Wednesday through Saturday because they are hosting their annual OHJA banquet on Sunday.  We have enclosed the most current schedule posted for everyone's review, please check it and let us know if you're joining us.  Stalls are free and reservations are due Tuesday, January 10th.  Happy showing everyone!!!

A few IMPORTANT Barn Updates...

With all the new faces at the barn and the care being offered ranging from self care to full board we wanted to make everyone aware of a few vitals in which we ask everyone's cooperation to run this ship smoothly!

First, please be aware of the barn hours as referenced in the Barn Rules!  They are as follows:

November 1st through March 31st, Monday CLOSED, Tuesday through Friday 9:00 to 21:00, Saturday & Sunday 9:00 to 19:00

All self care boarders are asked to take care of their Monday feeding, cleaning and turn out ONLY.  No riding, lunging or indoor usage on MONDAYS, no exceptions outside of EQUINE MEDICAL EMERGENCIES.

Secondly, full care horses will be turned out daily with the following exceptions:  Day temperature of 20 below with wind chills and freezing rain or ice sheets making for dangerous slips.  The current turn out schedule is posted in the entry by the glass front door and is kept current on a daily basis.  Turn out is based on matching gender as well as personalities to ensure the minimum amount of drama and trauma.

Thirdly, any messaging/texting communication with SHi Management staff of Brian, Alex or Shayna (please specify which) should be addressed to 317-804-1645.  We will make every effort to respond promptly during SHi barn hours.  Any previous numbers utilized now have privacy settings in place allowing for communication deliveries within the business hours of Tue-Sun 9 am to 18:00 only.

And lastly, with bitter winter temperatures having arrived early this year some of the water troughs have already frozen solid and cracked the plastic.   We believe to have repaired all of them, replaced any non-working heaters and reset the electrical breakers so all should be in good working order.  We are checking them daily, if you find any either leaking or frozen please notify management immediately.

Happy New Year to all and looking forward to our first "real" snow of the year!  Only 77 more days until the official arrival of spring...  Is it here yet????  

Winter Show Schedule Update...

The show schedule at the Wilmington Equestrian Center, aka WEC, is BUSY!  Other than the week before and the week of Christmas, there are shows booked EVERY WEEK from now through the end of April!  So many shows, so little time...

Well, as has been the case with previous scheduling dilemmas, popular demand prevailed.  We are scheduled to attend the December 7-11 week as well as December 28-January 1.   Plans have been solidified for the upcoming week of the 7th with our departing of Tuesday, December 6th.  Please let us know if you'd like to attend the December 28-January 1 week so that we may finalize reservations by early December.  Beyond that, our next venture will take us into the week of January 18-22 or January 26-29, popular vote will again decide.

Feel free to either comment or email me directly if you're in need of further information or details about any of the upcoming shows!  The prize list is enclosed below for viewing pleasure.  Happy showing everyone!