Midwest Indoor Shows 2019...

It’s no surprise that WEC is on our radar. With the local circuit winding down it’s time to head to Wilmington, OH for a great venue with great footing and climate controlled indoor comfort no matter what mother nature throws at us. If you’ve never experienced it before, it’s time to check it out and join us for some fun! Mark your calendars for October 2-6 and November 13-17, the October prize lists is enclosed below for your browsing pleasure. The November prize list is apparently still under construction, we will keep you posted when it has been published.

Happy planning y’all :)

Autumn is almost here....

But that’s not going to slow us down much. As a matter of fact, the remainder of September and October are CRAZY busy, good thing those Pumpkin Spice Latte’s have returned :)

The beginning of fall will commence with the semi-annual Vaccine and Wellness Day scheduled for September 24th. Healthy horses make our world go round!!!

We are SUPER excited at the return of the infamous clinicians Bill Richey (October 12 & 13) and Mike Henaghan (October 19 & 20), all in the same month! From walking your horse through smoke, sirens and fire to progressing your horsemanship skills with advanced flatwork and jumping exercises, what great opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills!

September will finalize the local schooling show circuit for the year with the Wild Air Show of the 28th and 29th in Zionsville. October will mark the opening of the fall and winter series at the World Equestrian Center in Wilmington OH followed by the much anticipated Equitation Finals of 2019, hosted at the Kentucky Horse Park the end of October/beginning of November.

And if that wasn’t enough we wanted to throw in a much needed Sport Horse Barn Party. Lots of new faces to meet and greet, what better way than over a beer, brat and fire pit night?!

So… Stay tuned for all the nitty gritty details, coming to you via a new blog directly to your inbox :)

IHJA Annual Show 2019 Wrap Up (finally)...

Ya’ll rocked it, in EVERY way and on EVERY level! With 15 horses representing our fearless leader, not a single class was missed, not a single tear was shed and the assortment of videos and pictures speak volumes of the results of our team work. Unfortunately with the amount of rounds ridden, it was impossible to be in so many places at the same time to capture everyone so a huge shout out for all the shared memories.

Thank you all who participated, cheered and supported, we are looking forward to the next show! Now without further delay, enjoy…

Thank you All!


Amazing how time flies…. It’s been an entire month since we’ve attended the Annual IHJA Show and I am just completing this blog! It may have been the vacation right after the show that sidelined my progress, I had every intention of catching up on reading and paperwork (didn’t happen). Or maybe it was the days trying to catch up after our return, more likely it was a healthy combination of both.

In any case, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all of you for giving us that time of doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but sit on the wonderful shores of Lake Michigan. Thanks to your support and team work we did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and enjoyed ourselves immensely!

Our excitement for the day was watching the Ferry criss cross the channel between Lake Muskegon and Lake Michigan…

For anyone who has not been, we HIGHLY recommend it…


RMS Horse Show Wrap Up...

What better way to spend a hot holiday weekend in July than to roam around the lush green acres of the Kentucky Horse Park?! We had sand, we had water AND we had horses. FABULOUS horses!!! And the riders weren’t bad either 🤣

Sandro and Brian started the weekend off with their 6, 7 and 9th placing in the Low 3’ Hunters, Aila and Sandro finished the weekend placing 4th in her respective NHS 3’3” Medal Class (he did have a baby moment and stopped at one fence) and 7th in the Robert Murphy Memorial Classic. The dynamic Playboy and Pam duo finished 3rd in the Adult EQ over fences, 2nd on the flat and 5th in the ARIAT Adult Medal. Nicolas worked diligently to secure a ribbon in the Schooling and Low Child/Adult Jumpers with Heartrock, and despite some rider and horse errors managed to get a 7th ribbon. Last but no least the duo of Aila and Apollo took home 2 4ths and a 5th in their respective Schooling and Low/Child Adult Jumper classes. It was an awesome performance for all and a great birthday present to our fearless leader Brian!

Now without further ado enjoy the eye candy we managed to capture… 👀

Until next time…

Kentucky Endeavors...

Entries for the Robert Murphy Stable Horse Show July 4-7 are due in a couple of weeks and reservations at the local campground/hotels are highly recommended due to the holiday weekend! If you’re wanting to venture to a rated show at a beautiful facility, this is your opportunity. The Kentucky Horse Park offers ample grounds for your showing and riding pleasure, the cross country course is nothing short of spectacular! Please let us know of your intentions to show in the next week so traveling arrangements can be made.

Happy show planning everyone!!!

Horse Show Show Wrap Up...

It was the first schooling show of 2019 , coupled with some new duos and horses that haven’t been off the farm since last summer made for an “interesting” show. Despite some “shaky” beginnings, the end results were very good!

For his first time off the farm and his first time showing, Bigz made it quite clear that he was not impressed with the show grounds or our showing plans by exiting stage left and running up the hill back to the stalls, twice. After some vigorous “horse whispering” by our fearless leader Brian and a vigorous schooling ride by the fearless Nicolas, Bigz and Kendyl managed a 2nd and 4th out of their jumper classes.

Red may not have had the chance to run for the hills but definitely didn’t want to play once he witnessed the judge’s tent blowing over in the afternoon winds. A schooling ride by Aila saved the day and managed to give Madi the opportunity to place 5th and 6th in the Beginner Rider Hunter Division and the new combo of Red and Alice got two 5ths in the Mini Hunter Division.

Dante rocked his first show with Nessa with their 1st, 3rd and 4th in the Mini Hunters, and the other new duo of Bubba and Nicolas placed 1st two times, 2nd two times and a one 3rd in the Children’s Hunter Division. Lightning and Brian placed 2nd in their jumper class Saturday and had to scratch showing Sunday due to a swollen back leg. Unfortunately Sandro was not scheduled to show until Sunday, the weather had turned windy/rainy and he did not finish his course. It was a voluntary withdraw, there was no point in pushing when his progress has made such huge strides recently. Sometimes it’s best to save it for another day and another show!

Good job everyone, looking forward to next time!!!

Wash Rack Etiquette...

As most of you have been to the barn on a regular basis and have seen the completion of the indoor wash rack, please not the signs of “No Mud”, “No Sand”, “Just Sweat”. The water from this wash rack drains into the septic tank (a rather unfortunate set up), all this means is that the mud will drain the clog and the sand will ruin the finger system of the septic tank leaving us without a bathroom in the future. Please utilize the outdoor wash rack for the dirtiest/sandiest of jobs, your barn owner will thank you for it :)

WEC March Wrap Up...

The dust has settled, the trailer is unpacked and all the boys are back safe and sound. The only thing left to do is share this past week of a great WEC show with everyone! Every horse reached their milestone in different ways, some of the highlights included Heartrock and Erin making their tribute in the jumper ring with a couple of clear rounds in the Intermediate Jumpers and with Brian a clear in the Medium Schooling Jumpers. Playboy won the Ariat Adult Medal and placed second in the THIS Adult Medal with Pam and was second in the NHS Medal with Aila. Ride the Lightning and Brian put in a few stellar trips in the Intermediate Jumpers with time faults only and Sandro, “the baby”, placed 2nd and 3rd on his best day in the USHJA 2’6” Hunters. Congrats to all and now enjoy the show :)

Driveway Etiquette...

With spring officially arriving today traffic to the barn will increase exponentially as it does every year with the arrival of sunshine and warmth. Everyone will be busier, schedules quickly filling with outdoor projects, extracurricular activities and just plain more work that the changing of the seasons inevitably bring along with it. And that means more driving, spending more time in our vehicles, hurrying along and trying to get to where we need to be. We too face this dilemma, running from one activity to the next from sunup to sundown. We also understand that the driveway to the barn is a bit longer than the average home driveway, making the temptation to speed down to the barn a bit more enticing than we’d like it to be. We’d like to remind everyone that our home shares the driveway to the barn, our driveway that we utilize to ride our bikes down, our driveway that our dogs run across to the outdoor ring to say hello and chase squirrels and rabbits when the opportunity presents itself. Not to mention Ted is probably running out of lives, he’s used up two since November. So please, drive down to the barn as if you’re pulling into your driveway. Thank you!

An opportunity for the right individual...

It looks like we survived another winter :) Spring is ALMOST here and that means projects and improvements will commence!!! That also means opportunity… Opportunity for someone who would like to spend more time in the saddle but their budget won’t allow it. We spend a lot of time making improvements but don’t always have the time to keep up with those improvements, mainly cleaning. And as anyone knows who’s spent any time at the barn… There’s ALWAYS cleaning to be done. So, in that light we are searching for an individual who doesn’t mind cleaning (yes, bathroom included) in exchange for an extra lesson per week. The perimeters are as follows: This person has to currently lesson with Brian or would like to, has to pay for one lesson per week (yes, we have a mortgage to pay) and provide 5 hours per week of cleaning duties in exchange for joining an extra group lesson. This “opportunist” has to be able to work independently and efficiently, duties will include cleaning bathroom, tack room furniture and floors, lawn furniture, cobwebbing, scrubbing water buckets and water troughs, lesson tack cleaning/conditioning and horse laundry, assisting with pressure washing projects, cleaning out hay loft… You get the idea. Anyone interested please email SHiEvents@me.com.

Thank you and happy cleaning everyone :)

One of our own is roaming in greener pastures today...

Our thoughts are with Audrey while she mourns the loss of her dear old friend XL. We both stood at the end of the isle yesterday afternoon and watched this 28 year old man not miss a beat when the sound of her voice made him come running to the gate. Sometime last night/this morning he made his way to greener pastures.

Enjoy them. Enjoy them everyday!

Ted, the lucky Chihuahua!


Most of you that have been to the barn these past few days have noticed the absence of Ted and have heard the story that goes along with that absence. First, let me clarify that yes, Ted is still among us. He’s resting and healing, looking quite cute despite the un-fashionable collar he is required to wear temporarily.

I’ve had a chance to think about the incident that has brought us to this point quite extensively over the past few days and no matter how I spin it, the fact of the matter remains that it could have so easily been prevented. After all, taking your leashed dog(s) on a walk at a horse show shouldn’t be an overly traumatizing experience… Unless you’ve been to USEF rated shows, with lots of horses that are brought by lots of horse people with lots of dogs. Loose dogs. EVERYWHERE. Would you believe that every single USEF rated show we’ve attended, at least one dog (or several) have “come after us”?! Thanks to my sharp ninja skills I have managed to keep the boys safe, until now.

And it only took 5-6 seconds. That’s how long that English Bulldog had Ted’s ribcage in his jaws, shaking him like a rag doll. I have no doubt had Brian not intervened as aggressively and quickly as he did, Ted would have died from this incident.


His injuries were severe, but he got lucky! All of his major organs were in tact and untouched by dog teeth. The pressure of the Bulldog jaws inflicted an abdominal hernia and a diaphragm hernia, entrapping his pancreas and partial small intestine.

A huge SHOUT OUT to the Herrmann Vet Clinic staff for their quick assessment and the MedVET staff at Carmel, IN for their phenomenal job attempting to right all the trauma within this little boy’s body. He has been a stellar patient, recovering as well as we could have hoped for.

Did I mention this could have been prevented??? Did I mention “Dogs are not permitted to be loose on competition grounds and must be held on a leash or otherwise restrained” per the USEF rules??? To say that this experience will have a lasting impact on our family is an understatement.

Yes, we will be “those” people at horse shows. Those people who loose their cool and minds when we see loose dogs running around. Yes, we will take whatever action necessary to protect our dogs. Our dogs who are walking on a leash, attached to their owners, owners who take their responsibility of co-existing safely in a horse show environment seriously.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Ted’s recovery, your well wishes and thoughts. He will be back, hopefully the same Ted he has always been!


Old man winter has gone mad...

Yes, yes he has and apparently we are not in Kansas anymore… Assuming this will not be the last blast of subfreezing ridiculousness before spring gets here, check with us before heading out for your regularly scheduled lesson. For the sake of your toes and fingers, not to mention your awesome instructor, it will need to be above 20 degrees and if it’s a close call shoot us a text/email!

Did we mention 50 more days and counting??? Oh and it’s supposed to rain with possible thunderstorms this weekend…