Horse Show Show Wrap Up...

It was the first schooling show of 2019 , coupled with some new duos and horses that haven’t been off the farm since last summer made for an “interesting” show. Despite some “shaky” beginnings, the end results were very good!

For his first time off the farm and his first time showing, Bigz made it quite clear that he was not impressed with the show grounds or our showing plans by exiting stage left and running up the hill back to the stalls, twice. After some vigorous “horse whispering” by our fearless leader Brian and a vigorous schooling ride by the fearless Nicolas, Bigz and Kendyl managed a 2nd and 4th out of their jumper classes.

Red may not have had the chance to run for the hills but definitely didn’t want to play once he witnessed the judge’s tent blowing over in the afternoon winds. A schooling ride by Aila saved the day and managed to give Madi the opportunity to place 5th and 6th in the Beginner Rider Hunter Division and the new combo of Red and Alice got two 5ths in the Mini Hunter Division.

Dante rocked his first show with Nessa with their 1st, 3rd and 4th in the Mini Hunters, and the other new duo of Bubba and Nicolas placed 1st two times, 2nd two times and a one 3rd in the Children’s Hunter Division. Lightning and Brian placed 2nd in their jumper class Saturday and had to scratch showing Sunday due to a swollen back leg. Unfortunately Sandro was not scheduled to show until Sunday, the weather had turned windy/rainy and he did not finish his course. It was a voluntary withdraw, there was no point in pushing when his progress has made such huge strides recently. Sometimes it’s best to save it for another day and another show!

Good job everyone, looking forward to next time!!!