An URGENT reminder!!!

Recent findings of various messes around the barn reminds us, barn management, to remind all of you, wonderful customers, of the Barn Rule that states "WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR CLEANING UP AFTER OURSELVES AND YES, THAT INCLUDES THE HORSE WE RIDE OR GROOM  OR BATHE"!  This is a very simple rule, IF you utilize the cross ties, CLEAN UP YOUR MESS!  If you utilize the wash rack, CLEAN UP YOUR MESS!  We have plenty of shovels and brooms and muck tubs for this very simple task.  To leave your mess until after you ride is not acceptable, there are other people who use those same cross ties right after you whether it's an isle way or the wash rack, leaving your mess for them is rude and inconsiderate.

And while we are on the subject of muck tubs...  Where there's 💩, there are flies so in our quest to minimize those pesky flies daily dumping and rinsing of the muck tubs is necessary and yet just isn't enough.  We occasionally soak them in bleach water along with the quicker picker upper shovels...  Much to our dismay, every time we've "soaked" SOMEONE apparently thinks we're  making poop soup...  Please stop!  Please!

Your attention and efforts on this matter are appreciated, your barn family and it's equines will thank you for it!