Attention All SHi Lesson Students!!!

Have your blooming young equestrians been begging for more barn time?  Wanting to spend every breathing second with horses?  Would like more riding practice opportunities?  Eager for more knowledge?  We are proud to announce the beginning of a new Sport Horse Program that may fill all of those shoes!

Commencing November 5th, every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm will present an opportunity for any Sport Horse Lesson Student Ages 10-17 to participate in daily barn chores, special projects and activities hosted by our resident Barn Manager Shayna.  Activities will include stall cleaning, water and trough cleaning, turn out, feeding routines, bathing and all general horse care, horse show etiquette, jump painting, course setting and riding so dress appropriately.  Participation in Saturdays with Shayna is free and will be limited to the first six children who choose to commit.  Requirements for eligibility are:  Age 10-17, currently enrolled in one hourly group or private weekly lesson and have a respectful and eager attitude.  All interested parties please email: