Smelting??? Already?!

Summer officially JUST started and we've been smelting quite a bit already, not sure what that means for the rest of the season but assuming it's going to continue we are preparing for the next heat wave...

With the lack of ventilation of the individual stalls in the main barn, Sport Horse has ordered stall fan mounts this week (they retail for $34.99 plus $5 for S&H).  All stall fans will be mounted utilizing these bracket, absolutely no bailing twine or bungie mounting.  The cost for these brackets will be added to your July board along with an monthly electrical surcharge of $10 per horse for the months the stall fans will be utilized.   Please provide a box fan at your earliest opportunity in anticipation of temperatures rising again by middle of this coming week.

Remember to keep yourself and your horse well hydrated as much as possible!   Water bucket dumping and refilling anytime you're out enjoying the company of your horse is encouraged!   Happy sweating y'all and see you at the barn :)