SHi Equine Wellness Update...

With spring looming just around the corner, Dr. Herrmann is scheduled to visit Sport Horse Thursday, April 29th at 15:00 for all spring vaccinations and worming compliance.

AT A MININUM ALL HORSES WILL RECEIVE A FLU/RHINO VACCINE,  ANNUAL STRANGLES VACCINE AND A FECAL WORM COUNT (Suggested but voluntary vaccines include:  EEV, EHV, Tetanus, Potomac Horse Fever, West Nile, Rabies).

If you have any intentions of traveling to shows or clinics be aware that most venues now require not only a current negative coggins (check yours for expiration) but a minimum of flu/rhino vaccine proof.  Plan accordingly to save yourself a special trip fee!

Any billing or rate questions should be addressed to Herrmann Veterinarian Clinic directly at 317-313-8760.  Please be sure to update or set up your billing information with Dr. Herrmann prior to his scheduled visit!   Happy Spring everyone!