A few IMPORTANT Barn Updates...

With all the new faces at the barn and the care being offered ranging from self care to full board we wanted to make everyone aware of a few vitals in which we ask everyone's cooperation to run this ship smoothly!

First, please be aware of the barn hours as referenced in the Barn Rules!  They are as follows:

November 1st through March 31st, Monday CLOSED, Tuesday through Friday 9:00 to 21:00, Saturday & Sunday 9:00 to 19:00

All self care boarders are asked to take care of their Monday feeding, cleaning and turn out ONLY.  No riding, lunging or indoor usage on MONDAYS, no exceptions outside of EQUINE MEDICAL EMERGENCIES.

Secondly, full care horses will be turned out daily with the following exceptions:  Day temperature of 20 below with wind chills and freezing rain or ice sheets making for dangerous slips.  The current turn out schedule is posted in the entry by the glass front door and is kept current on a daily basis.  Turn out is based on matching gender as well as personalities to ensure the minimum amount of drama and trauma.

Thirdly, any messaging/texting communication with SHi Management staff of Brian, Alex or Shayna (please specify which) should be addressed to 317-804-1645.  We will make every effort to respond promptly during SHi barn hours.  Any previous numbers utilized now have privacy settings in place allowing for communication deliveries within the business hours of Tue-Sun 9 am to 18:00 only.

And lastly, with bitter winter temperatures having arrived early this year some of the water troughs have already frozen solid and cracked the plastic.   We believe to have repaired all of them, replaced any non-working heaters and reset the electrical breakers so all should be in good working order.  We are checking them daily, if you find any either leaking or frozen please notify management immediately.

Happy New Year to all and looking forward to our first "real" snow of the year!  Only 77 more days until the official arrival of spring...  Is it here yet????