Equitation (continued)...

I’ve heard slightly disparaging comments about someone as “just an equitation” teacher.
So wrong in every way “Equitation” is just basic correct riding. Not posed riding, not stylized riding for the sake of style, but basic, balanced, effective riding.
Anyone who teaches riding needs to be first and foremost “just an equitation” teacher. It begins with good basics, profoundly understood, and thoroughly installed.
Learn to ride. Seek equitation teachers. Comprehend what the holy living hell you are doing on the back of that horse. Do it better for his sake, if not for your own.
— Tamarack Hill Farm (Facebook Page)

So...  Holly Whitaker will be visiting Sport Horse on a monthly basis to assist in continuing our Equitation Education.  Saturday, September 24th and October 15th are scheduled thus far, please let us know of your participation intentions so final preparations may be taken.  Thank you and happy "equitating"   :)