Equine DDS Party...

During one of our most recent horse show travels, we ran into an old business associate we had not seen in a few years.  Between the exchange of life and horse stories, he told us about his passion for researching a horse's mouth.  Up until that day I had actually never seen an un-sedated horse have it's whole mouth explored without taking digits as souvenirs!  This conversation and the demonstration that came with it lead to the realization that not all mouths are created equal nor should they be treated as such.  In response we have contacted an equine dentist specializing in "not only providing your horse with the most precise dental equilibration, we provide YOU with the tools and information to help your horse be more comfortable going forward".  His practice now includes clients in Europe as well as North and South America, now traveling extensively to meet the needs of top show horses throughout the world.

Despite his busy schedule we have managed to schedule him for a Sport Horse DDS day, Tuesday, May 3rd.  The dental check is free, this evaluation will determine the extend of work that may need to be done.  Average price per horse is $220, payable when services are completed.  We are excited to be able to host this service for the Sport Horse Equines and for the sake of planning, would appreciate an immediate response of anyone interested in participating.

Stay tuned for scheduling details (based on your responses).  And don't forget to floss!