Fee Schedule Updates & Reminders!

REMINDER:  All customers putting up stall fans (summer) and/or heated buckets (winter) will each incur a $10 per month surcharge for electrical usage.

UPDATE:  Even though winter blanketing is included with full board, fly sheets will be exempt from this rate beginning July 2015.  Unlike winter blanketing which rarely has to be changed, fly sheets have to be removed every night and put back on every morning (left on when inside, horses sweat profusely).  Due to this labor intensive task, we will charge a $20/month fee beginning July 2015.  If you do not wish to have your horse "fly sheeted" please do not leave a fly sheet on the front of the stall.  Both aforementioned fees will be due and payable as per your boarding fees outlined in your boarding contact.  The website has been updated to allow for electronic payments via credit card under the "Payments & Registrations" page.