Attention All SHi Boarders!!!!

It's that time of year again, changes are in the air!  As in any business, reflections of current programs, procedures and policies are necessary for growth through refinement.  Providing a safe and structured equine education for all humans and horses remains our vision and instilling personal responsibility at every riding level is key in maintaining our philosophy!   In light of these visions we have recently made tremendous strides in refining our “Haus & Safety Rules”, inclusive of new barn hours and all the do’s and don’t in an effort to keep everyone healthy and sane and sound!  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with it, sign and return either via email or barn office payment box no later than November 15th.

We’ve also enclosed a new Fee Schedule effective immediately.  With the soaring electrical fees during the shorter daylight winter months, we have moved some of the horses to different stalls so that those customers who visit the barn during later hours of the day share an isle way and burn the same lights vs. burning all lights in the different isle ways. We ask EVERYONE to be conscientious of their light usage so that we may keep boarding rates reasonable!  A new requirement for all boarders is to provide one insulated bucket for their horse during the months of December through March.  Please mark your buckets with permanent marker and expect to be notified when and if your horse breaks it.  We used to supply these buckets but they are expensive and horses will break them more regularly during times of limited turn out!  For a typical Indiana Winter it is not necessary to plug them in, be aware there is an electrical surcharge if the weather should warrant it.

The lesson schedule is currently being reorganized to allow for the sharing of the Indoor Arena.  Christina will be teaching Tuesday and Sunday afternoons, Brian Wednesdays through Friday and some Saturday mornings, and Adrienne either Saturday afternoons or Sunday mornings.  WE ALL HAVE TO RIDE IN THE SAME INDOOR, please be courteous and establish what the plan will be if there are other riders in the arena with you.  If you are hacking during lessons please ask the instructor for guidance on what their intentions are, i.e. utilizing only half of the arena or staying on the inside track, jumping a certain jump or line, etc.  FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL RIDERS AND HORSES please remain flexible during times of high arena usage, i.e. if you intended to practice lead changes and find 7 other people in the indoor it’s probably not the safest day for your plan!  Let COMMON SENSE prevail!

Thank you all for your continued support and we hope to see you at the barn!