Attention All Boarders & Lesson Students...

Well, old man winter has arrived and appears he'll be staying for a while.  With falling temperatures and in climate weather comes less turn out and frisky grumpy horses.  All stalls are filled and with that plenty of stall kicking around feeding time.  The juggling act of finding amicable neighbors has begun, so next time you come to the barn and can't find your horse, don't fret.  It's just moved apartments in search of a better neighbor.

As of today we also have a stallion among our midst and with that in mind, please do not tie any mares in the north west isle way cross ties closest to the indoor arena.

The hose reel is now housed in the office/lounge area when not in immediate use to keep it from freezing.  We are hoping to get tank heaters out in the next day for all water troughs but not all fields have power so please keep an eye on your horses water consumption!  The tractor and manure spreader have also been housed when not in immediate use, any manure left in the spreader during these cold temperatures risks freezing the web to the floor and breaking it.  Anyone who would like to pick or clean their stall at night will have to purchase muck tubs and set them by the farrier's area overhead door where we will dump them the following morning.

And lastly, lesson schedule changes will be somewhat unavoidable with these winter temperatures.  Anything below 20 degrees warrants a make up day and we will advise everyone as quickly as possible pending the forecasted weather.

Here's to good books, fireplaces and hot lattes!!!  Best wishes to everyone for Old Man Winter Season!!!