Riding Instruction Liability Release Update...

In an effort to streamline and consolidate different information packages we've revamped the Riding Instruction and Liability Release for all lesson students.   Please complete and return the attached form either in person or via email by April 1, 2018!  Additional paper copies are also available in the tack room of the old barn.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us either via the comment section of this blog or email SHiEvents@me.com.  

Thank you and happy riding everyone!

WEC December 2017 Wrap Up

As I sit here writing this blog I am watching the snowflakes whirl around wishing I was home to enjoy the first snow at our new facility.  But, instead I'm enjoying the sun like rays of the LED lights and a comfortable 65% of this beautiful place called the World Equestrian Center.  Nostalgia is setting in, another year almost gone by and whilst sitting here videoing all week, I've been reflecting all the 2017 events that have brought us to the here and now.  Gratefulness comes to mind.

Gratefulness:  feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful: I'm very grateful to you for all your help.• archaic received or experienced with gratitude; welcome: enjoying the grateful shade.

Grateful for our new home which as most of you are aware was a HUGE undertaking and accomplishment.  Grateful to those of you who have endured this undertaking, supporting Sport Horse through it's instruction with lessons, clinics and horse shows and accepting your riding accomplishments and failures with grace and personal responsibility as part of the enjoyment of this equestrian journey we all share.  A great quote of a good friend comes to mind:  "Some people make excuses, other people make progress.  You get to choose."

Grateful doesn't begin to describe the feelings Brian and I share for the horses we have in our current care, we are lucky indeed!  Playboy coming back to us appears to be a true testament to Brian's teachings, training and care.  Watching the videos I've managed to capture of him this week needs no commentary, no explanation, the expression of this amazing horse speaks volumes!  Congrats to our team representing Sport Horse at WEC this week, all rounds were rewarding to watch.  Some were rewarded with ribbons and some are still a work in progress.  "All progress begins with the truth." Dan Sullivan

A special congrats to Aila & Playboy on their win of the NHS 3'3" Medal and their second placing of the THIS 3' Children's Medal.   So without further ado, enjoy:

WEC October 2017 Wrap Up...

What a phenomenal two weeks of WEC it's been!  Thank you Mother Nature for sending us your best 70 degree sunny days and all of the Sport Horse Team for a good time.  Congratulations to Erin and Rio, their first debut in the Jumpers and despite some technical difficulties Erin managed to hold it together!

Congrats to Rocko for his Reserve Champion in the Non-Thoroughbred Hunters and his win in the Children's Equitation 3' with Hannah.  A HUGE congrats to Aila and Playboy, with their combined score of 154 and out of a field of 13 competitor, they managed to secure the blue ribbon in the Children's Hunter 3' Classic!  What an amazing feat for a rider who was at the end of a lunge line as a beginner in May of 2015!  And lastly, thank you Brian for your continued guidance and all of Team Sport Horse for their continued support!

And without much further delay, please enjoy the visuals we managed to capture below...