Our gated community houses the management/training staff AND has plenty of amenities:

  • Indoor Arena (66 x 180) with sand footing
  • 10x12 Stalls with newly installed windows allowing for more natural light and ventilation
  • Indoor Wash Rack
  • Lounge & WC
  • Insect Control System
  • Jumper Ring (300 x 300) with sand and grass combo footing and several bank jumps
  • Hunter Ring (120 x 250) with new base and sand footing
  • Railway Cafe and Viewing Deck
  • New vinyl/wire fencing fencing throughout property allowing for 9 spacious pastures
  • Daily Group Turn Out providing the most natural & healthy environment for all SHi horses
  • Custom Feed Program based on Buckeye quality feeds with fixed formulas not lower cost by-products and monitored by the SHi Veterinarian
  • Private one mile riding trail

Boarding Information Request

We encourage all interested boarding clients to schedule a visit to our facility, allowing to meet with management and training staff who can answer any questions you may have.  In preparation for such a meeting please complete the following form and we will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.